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Yoga Bou exercise

The idea of developing “YOGA BOU” comes up when Michiko has directed members of hemiplegia in cerebrovascular disease in her Yoga class.
One of the members of her class had an arm that has problem with the nerve system. That is why she couldn’t lift the arm. Michiko wanted to support her to be able to lift her arm again. She tried many approach and she thought again and again. Then, she came up to use a hard stick for moving the non-moveable arm.
And it works for not only connecting the synapse of brain and voluntary muscles, but also improving range of motion of joints. Michiko thought that it might be able to take advantage of more people to this approach utilizing the principle of leverage, and it has led to the development of equipment called “YOGA BOU”.
Nowadays, “YOGA BOU exercise” is very popular and many people have benefited of its efficacy.
The way of using “YOGA BOU exercise” has a wide range.
1. To facilitate expanding the range of motion by loosening the deep muscle.
2. It’s possible to improve the movement of the shoulder blade, and then improve posture.
3. Keeping the body axis forces by working both superficial muscles and deep muscles is effective trunk training.
4. It can be self-adjustment of yoga asana.
5. Using the principle of leverage, it is possible to move widely with a small force, so it is possible to take advantage of the exercise of the powerless or elderly people.
Even if you are an elder parson, or even athlete, it is possible to take advantage of YOGA BOU exercise. YOGA BOU exercise is especially appreciated in Asia area and Michiko is promoting training in Japan and in some Asian countries.
The program using the Yoga Bou invented by Michiko Minegishi also reflects all the methods, and their uses are diverse.

Shoulder Bleard Yoga®

Michiko has been teaching dance exercise for more than 30 years, in which it had kept saying that “move the arm from the shoulder blades.”
However, in the field of yoga, it was strange that everyone did not use the body. Michiko thought that yoga asana became more freely and more comfortable for us if we did practice of asana using the movement of shoulder blades.
This is the one of reasons that she was created the method of “Shoulder Blade Yoga”.
The second reason is that many yogi or yogini who are doing the practice of yoga for their own health, Michiko noticed that their postures were bad. If they continued practicing, they will hurt their body instead of becoming healthy/ Even if shoulder blade is one of the large human bones, it is connected to the body with a very small joint. In other words, it is very easy to move for us. It is very effective to adjust the shoulder blades to adjust the posture. You are able to relax the tension of many muscles located around the shoulder blade by moving the shoulder blades, and then you are freed from stiffness and tension of back and shoulder muscles.
1. Posture is adjusted.
2. Become breathing is deeper.
3. Released from the stiffness of the back and shoulders.
4. Rid a toxic or unhealthy substance from the body by becoming better thymus lymph flow.
5. Stimulating and moving muscles that are not been moved very much is effective for the back and whole body to slim.
It would be also released from the various disorders that had been caused by poor posture long time. Then you would return to the natural posture. Many people use the personal computer towards a desk; touch the smartphone for their work and daily life nowadays. Constantly using their head, they are ALWAYS tensed the around their back waist from head. Shoulders Blade yoga that is one of Michiko method is highly immediate and effective content to such a many people. Michiko keeps saying her motto, “Not to be late”. She has meant “It is never too late to get started”. Let’s try to change and be healthy your body and mind from now!

Spinal Maintenance Yoga

Now, why focus on the spine?
Michiko is focused on shoulder blades, and she has changed many people’s mind, respiration, body shape etc. by operating the shoulder blades. However, she can’t ignore the spine that is the center of human body no longer. When she was the mid-50 despite a yoga leader, a malfunction of unexplained body and mind had occurred one after another. So she was noticed that she can’t deal with the conventional method. Michiko figured out for the answer from her experience and knowledge. That was an approach to the autonomic nervous system and to the sacrum that is the foundation of the spine.
In Michiko’s method, she has been used her unique technique that is closer to the body work than yoga. She has lead us to loosen muscles around the spine using following way,
First of all is to be aware each vertebrae of the spine that leads to the sacrum and coccyx from ring bone.
Second are sacral operation and the manipulation of the sacroiliac joint including the pelvis.
When combined with the adjustment of body fluid circulation and the spinal operating for leading to the adjustment of the autonomic nervous system is seems good effect on the central nervous system.
Because there are many facts that are unknown medically in this field, we will need to make carefully operation of the spine and sacrum with extreme caution.
However, everyone who attended the class of “spine maintenance” in the studio of Michiko will feel the immediate effect and effectiveness of this body work.
For example,
1. Improving the unexplained malfunction.
2. For the elimination of tension and anxiety you are feeling on a daily basis.
3. For the elimination of PMS such as gynecological disorders.
4. Improvement of metabolism.
Effect of the “spine maintenance” is unknown, but it will be considered fairly high efficacy.
And it is actually helped to become better for another variety of disorders and worries.

 Functional hip joint workout

I would like to manage someone who cannot sit cross-legged.
This method started from such a passion.
This is the one of unique method of Minegishi which is the rotation of hip joint leading by the functional movement of sitting bones.
First of all, I regard the pelvis as two, not one, and free the sitting bone.
Next, we will proceed with the separation of the hip and pelvis.
Let’s analyze the unique work of Minegishi which obediently obeys the movement of the hip joint which is understand anatomically and the hip joint led to the sitting bone, relating the ischia and the femur, the greater trochanter, and the pubic symphysis.
Those who suffer from the size of the buttocks
Those who would like to correct alignment of warp waist and circle
Those who want to improve the movement of the hip joint
Those who want to change yoga asana deeper
Anyone else can join!

Michiko Style Yoga

Michiko Style Yoga is the newest method of Michiko Minegishi and it composed of Minegishi original method such as “Shoulder Blade Yoga ®”, “Spinal Maintenance Yoga”, “Functional hip joint workout” and so on in various places.
These each method are very popular classes in Japan and are also widely introduced in books.
This method is a continuous stream of uninterrupted flowing motion like you are dancing, and it based on the concept that Michiko Minegishi think the most important value.
Michiko Style Yoga Flow, which always starts with a sitting position, unravels and relaxes the body using Michiko method, and spreads it not only to your body range of motion but also to your mind range of motion.
Michiko Style Yoga Flow is a comfortable way to forget your limits, but it is still a method that will be effective to whole your body.


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