• 的確な「段取り」と 誰も「困らない」「困らせない」現場造りを!
『新型コロナに負けるなシリーズ!』ご覧になりたい動画の名前をクリックしてください! Click what you like!第1弾★~肩甲骨ヨガⓇ~★ Shoulder Blade YogaⓇ第2弾★~首、肩回りを軽く~★To relax your neck and to relieve your stiff shoulders第3弾★~心を軽くし呼吸を深める~★To release mental tension and deepen breathing第4弾★~>股関節、下半身スッキリ、足取り軽く~★Hip joint, lower body refreshing and step lightly第5弾★~睡眠力アップ、良い眠りの為に~★To improving sleep quality and provide comfortable daily sleep第6弾★~肩甲骨ヨガ®⓶、背中に天使の羽を、気持ちを前向きに~★Shoulder blade Yoga®  Part 2   Making angel wings on back and getting positive feelings番外編A★~筋トレヨガ ⓵~★  Muscle training with your weight番外編B★~dayoga〜special ver.~第7弾★~MSYフロー;気持ち良いフロー~★Comfortable flow第8弾★~お家でごろごろ、ごろ寝フロー~★Flow in a supine position while rumbling at home第9弾★~撃退!もったり背中と二の腕~★Repulsing extraneous meat from your back and upper arms第10弾★〜Over50の為のyoga〜★Yoga for over 50's第11弾★〜外出自粛向け、10分で完結!ヨガ棒エクササイズ〜★Yoga Bou 10 minutes Exercises for fat burning!番外編C★〜歌ってYOGA ♪Runner(cover)〜★Singing & Yoga ♫Runner第12弾★~デスク前で楽になる10分yoga 肩回り編~★10 minutes Yoga Exercises for those who are stiff with telework!第13弾★~デスク前で楽になる10分yoga  腰まわり編~★10 minutes Yoga Exercises for those who are low back pain stiff with telework!第14弾★~デスク前で楽になる10分yoga 足のむくみ解消編~★10 minutes Yoga Exercises  for those who want to eliminate swelling in their legs with telework!第15弾★~MSYフロー⓶;無理なく自然な導き~★Comfortable flow;Guide natural body movements comfortably.第16弾★~首と肩を簡単に緩める~★Yoga for easy loosening of the neck and shoulders.

新型コロナに負けるなシリーズ!第1弾★肩甲骨ヨガⓇ★ Shoulder Blade YogaⓇ

In the days when COVID-19 is widespread and anxiety and fear are amplified, many people unconsciously 
increase their tension from the neck to the back.
This time, your shoulder blade which tends to be particularly hard, gradually leads to a state 
where it is easy to breathe deeply.

新型コロナに負けるなシリーズ!第2弾★~首、肩回りを軽く~★To relax your neck and to relieve your stiff shoulders

The greater your anxiety and fear, the more nervous your neck and shoulders become.
Are you afraid of daily news, suffocating, and straining your shoulders?

新型コロナに負けるなシリーズ!第3弾★~心を軽くし呼吸を深める~★To release mental tension and deepen breathing

Create a space in the "thoracic spine, thorax, and shoulder blade" so that you can move 
the diaphragm firmly for deep breathing.
Operations that value the functions of the body's natural movements should give you 
a feeling of moving the body in a natural way rather than by force.

新型コロナに負けるなシリーズ!第4弾★~>股関節、下半身スッキリ、足取り軽く~★Hip joint, lower body refreshing and step lightly

In this video, I will show you how to improve leg movements to eliminate swelling 
while improving the movement around the bum and hip joints.

新型コロナに負けるなシリーズ!第5弾★~睡眠力アップ、良い眠りの為に~★To improving sleep quality and provide comfortable daily sleep

Getting a good night's sleep boosts your immunity.
This time, let's introduce the physical operation to get a good night's sleep quality.

新型コロナに負けるなシリーズ!第6弾★~肩甲骨ヨガ②、背中に天使の羽を、気持ちを前向きに~★Shoulder blade Yoga® Part 2 Making angel wings on back and getting positive feelings

This time, let's do to a positive and refresh YOGA by performing movement 
that eliminate stiffness of the back and generate more movement on the shoulder blade.

新型コロナに負けるなシリーズ! 番外編★~筋トレヨガ ⓵~★ Muscle training with your weight

This time, we will conduct training using our own weight, which can be done without special equipment.
I  think few people like it to do training whole body,
(I don't particularly like and train, but I have to do it because I need it.)  
First, let's start with the big muscle groups efficiently.
♫ MTの感想はこちらをご覧くださいね ♫

新型コロナに負けるなシリーズ! 番外編★~dayoga〜special ver.~

"dayoga" means daily yoga, it suggests let's do yoga everyday in our daylife.
In 2018, composer Ryo Yoshimata composed music for yoga, and in 2019 Michiko Minegishi created 
three patterns of yoga choreography tailored to this music.
In this video, warming up was added for the choreography with the yoga standing pose in the 3 patterns.
In the dayoga part, for places and environments where standing is difficult to do, 
and for those who are not good at standing, Minegishi has created a new version 
in a special sitting position, which is handled by Yoriko Ogawa,
a dayoga leader training trainer / harmony member.

新型コロナに負けるなシリーズ!第7弾★~MSYフロー;気持ち良いフロー~★Comfortable flow

両者ともに《Michiko Style Yoga》の特徴です。
By taking advantage of the body's natural movement functions, the body will have more freedom.
As a result, the joints of the body are moved according to the original movements,
which also helps prevent injuries and disorders.And the body is interlocking.
Taking advantage of this interlocking effect leads to natural movement.
Both are major features of Michiko Style Yoga.

新型コロナに負けるなシリーズ!第8弾★~お家でごろごろ、ごろ寝フロー~★Flow in a supine position while rumbling at home

Even if the crossed legs are not stable, it does not matter if the body is hard.
The important thing about yoga is to create a good space in your body and to guide you around.
It is to obtain comfort by lubricating the tissues and parts that have become difficult to move.

新型コロナに負けるなシリーズ!第9弾★~撃退!もったり背中と二の腕~★Repulsing extraneous meat from your back and upper arms

The main thing this time is to fight off the extraneous meat on the back. 
At the same time, let's do a movement that makes the base of the upper arm and around the waist clear.

新型コロナに負けるなシリーズ!第10弾★〜Over50の為のyoga〜★Yoga for over 50’s

For women, physical changes begin to occur after age 50's, of course, there are individual differences.
In this video, I would like to do a yoga class that includes the  movement 
that we need for changes that have been happening to my body in my age.

新型コロナに負けるなシリーズ!第11弾★〜外出自粛向け、10分で完結!ヨガ棒エクササイズ〜★Yoga Bou 10 minutes Exercises for fat burning!

This time, for those who are at home and feeling a lack of exercise, I will introduce a "Yoga Bou" exercise 
of about 10 minutes. Because it is a short time, you can use "Yoga Bou" to prevent posture collapse and, 
above all, keep your core up and running! It is ideal to use a "Yoga Bou" for safety, 
but if you want to try it briefly, consider using a long umbrella, mop handle, etc. 
at home with due consideration.

新型コロナに負けるなシリーズ! 番外編★〜歌ってYOGA ♪Runner(cover)〜★Singing & Yoga ♫Runner

Let's sing together and do YOGA ♪
Don't worry about the accuracy of the pose, take a deep breath and sing out loud.
The choreography is for those who are relatively used to yoga.
The song is a cover song of "Runner" by Japanese rock band Bakufu Slump.

新型コロナに負けるなシリーズ!第12弾★~デスク前で楽になる10分yoga 肩回り編~★10 minutes Yoga Exercises for those who are stiff with telework!

This is an exercise that you can do in the office, whether you are sitting in a chair 
or wearing a suit and leather shoes in front of a PC that is making documents.
Loosen the buttons, tie and belt on your shirt.
Take it in between your daily desk work.

新型コロナに負けるなシリーズ!第13弾★~デスク前で楽になる10分yoga 腰まわり編~
10 minutes Yoga Exercises for those who are low back pain stiff with telework!

Let's move away from the desk in front of the PC.
It's OK to sit in a chair, but can you take off your shoes?
It's hard to do with a skirt.
If you have high blood pressure, it is important to consider the position of your head 
when hanging your body in front of the chair and not to lower it too much if you are anxious.
Breathe longer where you feel comfortable.

新型コロナに負けるなシリーズ!第14弾★ ~デスク前で楽になる10分yoga 足のむくみ解消編~
10 minutes Yoga Exercises for those who want to eliminate swelling in their legs with telework!

Activates the calf muscles (triceps crus).
At the same time, take firmness around your buttocks and remove the front clogs 
of your thighs to improve lymphatic flow.
It is better  bare feet for doing.
There are some movements that are a little misbehaving, 
so I think it's better not to do it wearing a skirt.
Also, some movements that you put your foot on the desk, let's stop that part in the office.

新型コロナに負けるなシリーズ!第15弾★~MSYフロー;無理なく自然な導き~★Comfortable flow;Guide natural body movements comfortably.

今回はヨガをされている方に、Michiko Style Yogaが考えている機能的な動き方をご紹介し、いつものヨガのポーズの中に、
This time, I would like to introduce to those who are doing yoga the functional movements 
that Michiko Style Yoga is thinking about, and I hope that you can feel 
the smooth and comfortable feeling in the usual yoga poses.

新型コロナに負けるなシリーズ!第16弾★首と肩を簡単に緩める★Yoga for easy loosening of the neck and shoulders.

眠る前などに行うと、首回りが緩み、また神経系も休まる(副交感神経系優位に) ので質の良い眠りを得られます。
I am using a small bolster. If you don not have it, try rolling a thick bath towel tightly instead.
If you do it before going to sleep, you will get a good quality sleep 
because the neck is loosened and the nervous system rests (dominantly in the parasympathetic nervous system).